Sunday, June 28, 2015

Normal symptoms of pregnancy

During pregnancy the body undergoes a series of changes and symptoms that are completely normal and should not worry. These symptoms and changes are directly associated with pregnancy, and typically they happen.

But then, just as there are normal symptoms, others depart from the norm and can lead to complications in pregnancy. So this list can be very useful, because you know what the normal symptoms, so you can be attentive to warrant concern and must not.

Normal symptoms of pregnancy

• Have nausea in the first 12 weeks
• Have constipation and bloating after eating
• Having menstrual pain type
• Frequent urination
• Having cramps
• Having fainting
• Having insomnia
• The size of my tummy is small ... should I worry?
• Having cellulite
• Feeling you lack memory
• Have itching in the abdomen
• have swollen legs
• Having agitation when walking
• Having colostrum
• Have back pain
• Having increased salivary secretion and sweat

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