Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Can I push a common stroller when I run?

If you have a long list of items to buy before the birth of your baby, different types of strollers often seem unnecessary investments. Since traditional, umbrellas and strollers seem to work the same way as strollers, it is easy to mistakenly believe they are interchangeable. Before attempting to run with other car, consider the security features of most strollers quality to decide whether this is a risk you are willing to take.

Types of baby strollers and purposes

A stroller has a very specific purpose among the rest of the baby equipment. Made for speed, provides security features that help protect the baby when you are moving at faster than normal speeds. Wheel designs are made for slower walking and turning, thanks to its casters. While the steerable wheels make it easy to move, are not safe to run, as they could easily tip suddenly, which could throw the baby out of the stroller resulting in injury.

Potential Hazards

Strollers are a must for riders who plan to run with their children for several reasons. They are for infants from 6 months old, and do not fully recline for security reasons. This helps eliminate the temptation to run with a younger baby, who may be injured due to sudden movement of the race. Typical strollers have no safeguards for the danger that the stroller to tip over when you run, nor offer brakes. Precautions and brakes are necessary in case of falls, losing control of the stroller or abrupt stops during emergencies.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

How babies play?

The game is the ultimate mobile for baby and child. Through play, children interact with their environment, receive stimuli and learn. The game is an instance where children feel free and can express themselves freely, a time where absolutely everything is positive.

And while each baby is unique, it is a fact that can be drawn general behavior escaping the specificity of each case. Babies behave similarly in all, and there are some game parameters and preferences are real game among children.

Between birth and six months babies learn to play games that do discover textures and colors. Because children are developing their motor activity toys that allow them to be seized to develop their coordination skills are recommended.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Malnutrition Mom makes the fetus prone to addictions

Is a no-brainer moms warn of the risks that their malnutrition can result in babies born to them. The gestation period of the creature is a crucial for the final formation of their appearance and operation phase your body will have in the future, which is why proper nutrition by the mother is key to the fetus is formed in good condition.

A recent study shows more data about it, and focuses on the importance of proper nutrition of the mother to the baby is not likely to get addictions in their future. The research was conducted at the Bouman Mental Health Care in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Taking as reference the period occurred in that country during the years 1944 to 1945 known as the "hunger winter", the scientists could see that because of the malnutrition of women who were pregnant at the time, a large proportion of people born of those wombs it proved very prone to addictions.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Choosing the color of your baby's room

The location of the house with more colors is undoubtedly the nursery. There are rooms that even have many hues distributed in space, providing a cheerful and crazy watercolor. But according to Feng Shui room with a single color best preserved harmony. Then I give the parents some clues involve what colors to paint the baby's room according to Feng Shui.

Red: Red is a very exciting and passionate color. With it anger, aggression, passion and danger is expressed in addition to the competition and the dramatic. It is considered as a color that brings good luck.

Blue: It is a very soothing color, but as powerful as the red. It produces great peace and harmony, and is associated with affection, friendship, loyalty and love.

Green: It is known that green is the color of hope, but it goes beyond that. It is associated with nature, in addition to expressing youth and vigor. Feng Shui recommends it for kids rooms with good natural light.