Thursday, July 2, 2015

Malnutrition Mom makes the fetus prone to addictions

Is a no-brainer moms warn of the risks that their malnutrition can result in babies born to them. The gestation period of the creature is a crucial for the final formation of their appearance and operation phase your body will have in the future, which is why proper nutrition by the mother is key to the fetus is formed in good condition.

A recent study shows more data about it, and focuses on the importance of proper nutrition of the mother to the baby is not likely to get addictions in their future. The research was conducted at the Bouman Mental Health Care in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Taking as reference the period occurred in that country during the years 1944 to 1945 known as the "hunger winter", the scientists could see that because of the malnutrition of women who were pregnant at the time, a large proportion of people born of those wombs it proved very prone to addictions.

Studying a population of 1,288 people who were addicted and Rotterdam were born in those years, the scientists could see that all babies born at that time, 34% had high propensities to be addicted in the future.

What happens, according to the researchers, it is that the brain's reward system, its own system of our brain to regulate helpful addictions feat during pregnancy, and malnutrition alter the normal development of it, making the fetus more likely getting addictions in the future.

There are several problems under this conclusion, as scientists predict an epidemic of addiction in poor countries, where severe famines are recorded. When it comes to you and your pregnancy, make sure you take proper food, so as not to harm your fetus.

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