Saturday, July 4, 2015

How babies play?

The game is the ultimate mobile for baby and child. Through play, children interact with their environment, receive stimuli and learn. The game is an instance where children feel free and can express themselves freely, a time where absolutely everything is positive.

And while each baby is unique, it is a fact that can be drawn general behavior escaping the specificity of each case. Babies behave similarly in all, and there are some game parameters and preferences are real game among children.

Between birth and six months babies learn to play games that do discover textures and colors. Because children are developing their motor activity toys that allow them to be seized to develop their coordination skills are recommended.

In the period from seven to twelve months children explore objects and develop their cognitive abilities. That's why we recommend stimulating them with music and make contact manipulated textures.

Of the thirteen to eighteen months our children begin to walk and control her body. That is why this stage for interactive toys that the baby can take the controls are recommended. Toys with light and sound are ideal for this stage.

Between two and three years old babies are already part of the world. They run, jump and mobilize for spaces, and even begin to imitate adults. For this reason it is recommended that the games they play are structurally striking the baby, and also those with teaching as numbers or letters.

A little later, between three and five years babies begin to behave as social subjects develop relationships. Interactive games are useful, those that make it possible to develop physical activity and involving more than one participant.

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