Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Choosing the color of your baby's room

The location of the house with more colors is undoubtedly the nursery. There are rooms that even have many hues distributed in space, providing a cheerful and crazy watercolor. But according to Feng Shui room with a single color best preserved harmony. Then I give the parents some clues involve what colors to paint the baby's room according to Feng Shui.

Red: Red is a very exciting and passionate color. With it anger, aggression, passion and danger is expressed in addition to the competition and the dramatic. It is considered as a color that brings good luck.

Blue: It is a very soothing color, but as powerful as the red. It produces great peace and harmony, and is associated with affection, friendship, loyalty and love.

Green: It is known that green is the color of hope, but it goes beyond that. It is associated with nature, in addition to expressing youth and vigor. Feng Shui recommends it for kids rooms with good natural light.

Yellow: This color radiates much light and expands space. Its brightness makes the rooms look crisp and intense, giving the room a touch of spontaneity. However, it is not recommended for rooms with babies, because they cry more in rooms in this color.

The Black: The black has the opposite meaning to light. It is a color that expresses death, sorrow, night or weekend, and always is associated with darkness and sadness. It is not recommended for the rooms, and we must try to avoid.

White: White is exemplified harmony and purity to the maximum. With this color the feelings of innocence, peace, children, stability and calm associated. However, according to Feng Shui white can evoke coldness, so is not recommended for rooms with children.

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